2024-2025 Season

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Neil Diamond Tribute

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Sept. 14, 2024

Rockland Road

Brad Simmons: Acoustic Storyteller

Oct. 12, 2024

John Denver Tribute

The Troubadour Project

Nov. 2, 2024

American Tune

Evening in the Round

Jan. 18, 2025

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Simply Swingin’

Feb. 22, 2025

Last Date

Young Original

Mar. 22, 2025

A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies of Soul


Apr. 26, 2025

The Vanaver Caravan’s EarthBeat!

Saturday, April 26, 2025

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Bringing world-class entertainers to you

The Vanaver Caravan’s EarthBeat! celebrates the world’s rhythms with a riveting whirlwind of world dance and music, that takes you on a journey around the globe featuring French Canadian step dancing, Appalachian Clogging, South African Gumboot Dance, Philippine Igorat Sun Dance, original stick dances, body percussion, stomp dances as well as dances from Bulgaria, India, Brazil, China and Spain and more.

EarthBeat! is a journey of music and dance in which you can experience the rhythms, sounds, colors, and life of this beautiful planet,

The dance and live music presentation focuses on the rhythms that evolved from different cultural groups to express their need to harmonize with the earth. It includes French Canadian and Irish step dance, salsa, Appalachian clogging, West African harvest dance, South African gumboot dance, Japanese taiko drumming, Kurdish line dance, and Chinese ribbon dance, as well as dances from India, Brazil, Israel, and Spain.

EarthBeat! is a production of Vanaver Caravan, a Hudson Valley-based nonprofit organization that performs original, world-infused choreography and music, both locally and internationally drawing from their ever-expanding repertoire of dance and music traditions. They promote peace and the harmonious co-existence of world cultures and traditions through performances and educational programs. The company has presented original, world-infused choreography and music, both locally and internationally for over 50 years. The Vanaver Caravan hopes to inspire people in every walk of life to join together in song, dance, and celebration!