2024-2025 Season

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Neil Diamond Tribute

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Sept. 14, 2024

Rockland Road

Brad Simmons: Acoustic Storyteller

Oct. 12, 2024

John Denver Tribute

The Troubadour Project

Nov. 2, 2024

American Tune

Evening in the Round

Jan. 18, 2025

Virginia Symphony Orchestra

Simply Swingin’

Feb. 22, 2025

Last Date

Young Original

Mar. 22, 2025

A Tribute to the Legendary Ladies of Soul


Apr. 26, 2025


Frequently Asked Questions

For the Box Office

When are the showtimes?

All performances begin at 7:30pm. Lobby entertainment begins at 7pm. There will be a 15 minute intermission.

Do I need a physical ticket?

You don’t need a physical ticket. Most tickets are sent electronically and using the link sent to you from TIX will open your ticket from your mobile device. Most people remember their seats, if that’s the case just come inside and take your seat.

What if I can’t open my mobile ticket?

No problem. We can easily find your seat for you. Find one of our volunteer ushers or visit the box office for assistance.

I can’t attend one of the performances – what should I do?

Consider donating your ticket back to us. Tickets can’t be resold but you’re welcome to give your ticket to someone else (read below about transferring your ticket electronically), or contact the FORUM to donate your ticket back (donated tickets are often used for the student lobby performers and their families).

Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

We’re excited to announce that you can now securely transfer your e-Tickets to family or friends! Log into your TIX account and find the ‘My Tickets’ section. Select the ‘Transfer Ticket’ option next to the ticket you want to transfer. Enter the name and email address of the person you’d like to transfer the ticket(s) to. The transfer recipient will then get an email letting them know that you’d like to transfer a ticket to them. If they accept, they’ll be required to log into or create a TIX account to complete the transfer.

Transferring sounds confusing to me, are there other options?

Yes. You could also print out your tickets and give them to someone else to use if you want to.

I have friends in town and need more tickets, what do I do?

Call the box office right away (252) 564-8781. While we may not be able to locate seats for your guests next to you, we can find the best available seats for you and may be able to relocate your seats to other available seats for this performance.

Can my seat(s) be changed?

There are few aisel seats that are available each year, but there may be other seats not used by season subscribers. To see what is possible, contact the box office by email or telephone 252-564-8781.