Saturday February 18, 2023

– Acoustical duo Bettman & Halpin’s self-stylings of American standards performed with joyful originality. Performing acclaimed songs from their newly released album, Bettman & Halpin take audiences on a unique journey into the great American songbook. You’ll enjoy their fresh takes on “All of Me,” “Blue Skies,” and “It Don’t Mean a Thing.” Their impeccable musicianship rings out in pleasing harmonies and ear-pleasing combinations of string instruments. Stephanie Bettman is a classically trained singer and violinist, turned storyteller/songwriter. Luke Halpin is a self-taught stringed-instrument virtuoso with a goofy sense of humor and a harmony voice to rival Vince Gill.

Critic praise for Timeless:

“A tonal masterpiece that isn’t scared to venture off of the beaten path
in the name of getting something fresh off of its chest, Timeless is a record that feels and sounds so much bigger than the players responsible for bringing it to life…”- VentsMagazine

“Be it the patience of “Autumn Leaves,” the sincerity of “Blue Skies,” or the bold brooding of “How Did You Get in My Heart,” Timeless will worm its way out of the speakers and into your soul…” – IndiePulseMusic